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FRESH strives to establish ‘food safety’ as a ‘culture’ wherein every sensitized stakehoder in food industry caters to equally aware citizenry, thus realizing the ultimate goal of ensuring ‘safe food’ for every individual in the society.

FRESH is a non-profit organization that provides for comprehensive food safety solutions aimed at various stakeholders who play a vital role in ensuring safe food for society.

The organization seeks to initiate pro-active actions against rising public health concerns that play tyrant with the health of society at large.

Wedded to the cause of food safety, it reflects an undoubted commitment to orient all tropic levels in the ‘safe-food’ chain – from production, processing, marketing to finally consumption of food towards the importance of safe food handling, proper hygiene and sanitation.

It aims to institute food safety as the basic parameter to ensure greater economic success.


Food Safety is a rigorous task force to rightfully eliminate physical, chemical & biological hazards that harm humans, thereby ensuring collective good health of community at large.