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Welcome to FRESH

FRESH assesses product quality, safety, compliances for non-contamination & spoilage, verifies processes and also assists in cost control. The lab empowers personnel to build technical competence. Promoted by first generation technocrats, the company is led by an eminent group of food technologists, microbiologists, nutritionists and market analytics.

FRESH strives to establish ‘food safety’ as a ‘culture’ wherein every sensitized stakehoder in food industry caters to equally aware citizenry, thus realizing the ultimate goal of ensuring ‘safe food’ for every individual in the society.

Food Safety & Hygiene
Hygiene Audits
Technical Support
Sensory Evaluation
Shelf Life Studies
Nutrition Labelling
View food safety as a prime health and therefore progress indicator; FRESH seeks to emerge as the country’s premier food testing and research facility, thereby posturing India as an integral player in the global food safety ecosystem.
Establish premier technical competence through FRESH; integrate high quality food testing and advisory services to benefit Indian industry and consumers, also capacity-build skilled technicians by generating lucrative shareholding in the enterprise.
Tel: 080 - 26716033, 2671, 6785
Telefax : 080 26710263