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FRESH strives to create ‘niche’ focus for the issue of food safety in India; the organization will partner with other NGOs/ independent organizations campaigning on food safety issues; thereby mobilize and lead a stronger public voice needed to influence policy decisions with government.

FRESH aspires to evolve into an umbrella organization with its current activities emerging as self-sustaining units.
Upscale Food Analysis (Regional Food Research and Analysis Center)

The Organization will upscale food analysis through sensitizing food safety in the country and catering to the public need with a social responsibility.

Integrate Food Safety into Mainstream Education

Generate ample resources to conduct training and venture into mainstream education, to establish ‘Food Safety’ as an integral part of the curricula aligned with various disciplines concerning food industry.

Bargain for Legislation on Food Safety Systems

Experience in the industry has made the organization detail 'implementation of food safety systems' as an 'urgen' priority. Internationally, these systems are a must and even consumers verify 'compliance'. The organization is stepping slowly but surely towards making this a 'reality' in India as well. The organization will also engage in dialogue with government bodies to suggest compulsory implementation of food safety systems for all food sector establishments.
Equipped with the industry’s most innovative and highly acclaimed professionals who command an authority over these systems, FRESH is all set to demonstrate this commitment.

Conduct Hygiene Audits as a pro-active Food Safety Measure

A competent audit team has enabled the organization to explore new forays and expand markets. Upon request, staff from FRESH audit hygiene and sanitation at various food serving establishments and suggest corrective action. Years ahead, FRESH sees this service taking shape of a watchdog for food safety.

Launch Community-focused Food Safety Interventions

Garnering public voice to ensure that 'safety of food that one eats becomes a priority to the consumer' is a commitment the organization will deliver on. Functioning strictly as a non-profit, FRESH channelizes surplus resource towards community projects that engage in instilling ‘food safety’ as a culture amongst the native population.

Time is relative; for an organization driven by sheer passion and commitment to the cause of food safety, achieving them is a matter of time.


Immediate targets

FRESH will focus on impacting vast area by covering different cross-sections of society under the food safety web. Our short term targets are:

  • Impacting wider cross-sections through result-oriented community projects
  • Broad-basing work area to implement food safety systems and training a huge network of key stakeholders.