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FRESH has been conceived by an eminent group of Food Technologists & Microbiologists, Nutritionists & Community Physicians who passionately believe in food safety and its wider implications.

The Chair is a renowned nutritionist of international repute

Usha Venkateshwaran: A master’s degree holder in Institutional Management & Dietetics; has led national and international teams of scientists in pioneering nutrition projects implemented across the globe. Deeply interested in customizing product development to suit individual needs, she brings with her immense experience in the field of Nutrition & Science of Food.

Dr. Mridul Salgame: A doctorate in Dairy Microbiology, she has been an active part of the Indian Dairy Industry for over decades. After a brief stint as a quality control expert with the Karnataka Milk Federation, Dr. Salgame conceptualized FRESH thereby idealizing the need for a food safety organization. Pioneering the approach to food safety and issues related, she is the country’s few technically sound yet field-oriented scientists who believes in integrating industry and research to benefit the common man.

Distinguished Governing Board

Dr. A S Aiyar: Food Technologist with an untiring contribution to research, academia & industry for over three decades. An academician & innovator deeply respected by industry, Dr Aiyar completed his last active career stint as the Technical Director of Godrej Foods Ltd. A Post Doctoral Research Fellow from the Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh, USA, he is currently on the Advisory Committee, Center for Advanced Food Technology, University of Mumbai; and a member of the Program Implementation Committee, International Life Sciences Institute, India. In the last decade he has been volunteering with developmental concerns in the food sector. A pioneer in nutrition labeling and product development, he is among the country’s few academicians endorsed by the Indian Food Industry.

Dr. Nirmala Murthy: A Bio Statistician by profession, is a world bank Consultation for many years now. Founder and Director of a voluntary organization Foundation Of Research in Health Systems.

Prof. Tara Gopaldas: An eminent nutritionist, she currently heads Tara Consultancy Services, Bangalore – a technical International NGO working in Nutrition, Food Technology, Health & Human Resource issues for over 15 years now. Prof. Tara Gopaldas brings with her valuable years of research experience. Strategically acquainted with the subtleties of policy making, she has pioneered various nutrition and health policies partnering with state and central governments. Currently a member of the Nutrition Mission of India under the Chairmanship of the Prime Minister, she also chairs the Sub Committee on Plan & Policy: School Health & Nutrition of the IUNS. Nominated by the American Biographical Institute, USA as one of the “Great Women of the 21st Century” – 2004 and the “International Woman of the Year – 2004”, Prof. Tara Gopaldas has been synonymous with Nutrition issues countrywide.

Ms. Varalakshmi: A Nutritionist by training, she showcases years of research experience in molecular biology and microbiology at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Well versed with the nuances of the food industry, her training and experience complement each other to form the very basis of food sector.

Mr. Vijay Bhaskar Reddy: An ex Corporate personnel with a keen interest in foods safety.